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Welcome to Alyssa Bakes! I’ve always loved tooling around in the kitchen and emerging with something sweet and delicious. What started as a hobby when I was younger, turned into a joy when I had a family to bake for, and eventually became a passion. The whole process is so fulfilling – from gathering ingredients, the actual baking, packaging, and finally sharing the treats with others. I bake everything with love and joy. 

At Alyssa Bakes everything is made to order, so each bake gets my full attention. It’s the small batch baking made in a home kitchen that produces treats like the kind we grew up with. Nothing is mass produced or made days before you’re ready, everything you order is made especially for you! My goal is to offer a little taste of home, a little nostalgia of simpler times, and a delicious experience that you can share or keep all for yourself.

Thank you for allowing me to add a little sweetness to your life!

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